Amore hasn’t switched MLB allegiances, but Holland respects the nature of fandom.

He has also gone to WWE’s “Royal Rumble” and “WrestleMania,” and at each event Holland seizes the opportunity to get the full fan experience: trading memorabilia with the kids in the seats around him and even meeting some of his favorite wrestlers — some of whom left him starstruck like the baseball fans who have approached him over the years.

“You see The Undertaker, and you’re just kind of in awe,” Holland said. “This guy has been doing this for a long time, and he’s still a badass.”

Along with The Undertaker, whose wrestling career started from 1984 and ended just before the MLB season started in 2017, Holland has met and gotten to know A.J. Styles — whose entrance music Holland uses as his walkout song — Roman Reigns and Enzo Amore. Amore is a devout Yankees fan and Holland has attempted to win him over by sending him White Sox swag.

“Nothing to go against his team, but he told me, from one pinstripe to another, he was into it,” Holland said.

Amore hasn’t switched MLB allegiances, but Holland respects the nature of fandom.

Charlie Blackmon, Rockies
Question: Do you have a theory on why there are so many home runs this year?
Answer: “I mean, I think everybody throws like 96 now. Everybody throws so hard, so when you hit a ball that’s pitched harder, I think they go a little bit further. Which isn’t nearly as important as the fact that, if you’re getting used to 96 and you’re elevating your game up to that velocity, I think you’re a better player, and therefore you’re going to be able to hit more homers, especially against a guy who’s not throwing 96.”
Question: Do you players talk about this or is it just us media types?
Answer: “It’s funny. As a player, I want to give myself a lot of credit. I don’t want to think it’s the ball or the atmosphere or any of that stuff. But I think the game’s being played at a very high level. I also see lots of strikeouts and lots of guys throwing very hard. I see both sides of that point happening.”broncos_005 (1)

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